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Camptime - Informed, accessible camping

Camptime - Find camping near you

This is a 4 week design sprint that I did as a case study.

I hypothesized that if I created a resource for hikers and backpackers to more easily reserve campsites and find trails, then adventurers will be able to increase the efficiency of planing their trip as well as decrease confusion around rules and amenities provided at each individual campsite and trail.

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What is CampTime?

Camptime is a service aiming to minimize the stress around planning a camping trip. Currently when planning for a trip, even experienced users, often have to check multiple pages of a confusing government page or even search multiple sites for clarification on what is allowed and what amenities exist at each campsite. With Camptime, all of the information that is most important to Hikers, novice to experienced, is consolidated in one place.


Project overview


4 weeks

Our team:

Just me

My role:

Everything you see here, I did it :)


  • Google Sheets

  • Sketch


  • Business analysis

  • Competitive analysis

  • UI comparative analysis

  • Market research

  • User interviews

  • Persona development

  • Journey mapping

  • Design studio

  • Wireframing

  • Prototyping

  • Usability testing


The problem

Hikers can’t find the information they need

Finding vital information on what amenities exist at a particular campground, if any, where the campground is, and how much camping there costs is crucial to each user I interviewed. Oftentimes this crucial information is not clear, or available, on government sites or it is only on multiple third party sites.



My solution

Consolidate information in an easy to access, familiar resource

My plan was to consolidate all the information users find vital into one easy to use resource using familiar map styles ported from google and an equally familiar layout.


Design process

Who are we designing for

Desktop HD.jpg

Secondary Archetype



Key findings from research

I conducted several interviews with a set of 6 questions to find where the pain pints were for users. I also found a 2016 camping report by Colman + the Outdoor foundation to be extremely helpful in providing quantitative data.

1st time campers.jpg

89% of Campers were experienced campers

trip preperation.jpg

Most users planned their trip a month + in advance

Trip prep.jpg

43% of users reserve a camp site the day of their trip

time consuming activities camping.jpg

Research question that arose:

Why are seasoned campers who plan their trip over a month in advanced choosing to wait until the day of their trip to reserve a campsite?



UI competitive analysis



Version 1 wire-frames


Dive right in experience

  • I wanted Camptime to make it easy for users who are planning their camping trip to reserve a campground ahead of time

  • Majority of users choose a campground based upon distance from home so I wanted to create something users could easily access what campsites are closest to them.

  • Quick and easy filter system provides users with the opportunity to narrow their results quickly and easily


Version 1 feedback

Key findings

  • What filters are on the outside of the filter tab need to reflect user needs better

  • The topographical map can be hard to interpret, even for experienced users

  • Spacing of elements is too tight



Ensuring design consistency


Version 2+3 - Focusing on accessibility through filters

Home v3.jpg

Date, site type, and terrain difficulty

These filters are the ones that are most important to campers planning a trip

Filters v3.jpg

Secondary filters

Price, group size, and accessibility are occasional yet vital restraints to be made available for users. Amenities are very important for most users, but were rarely used for filtering

searched listing v3.jpg

Topographic/map view

Map views tested to be much easier to read, especially in a zoomed out view.

listing details v3.jpg

Being upfront about accessibility, cost and amenities

These pieces of information are the ones most often unknown by campers and what most often are essential to a successful experience.



Latest version wire frames

More filters.jpg
yosemite copy.jpg
white wolf campground.jpg

Next steps

  • Change the backpacking symbol to something that resembles backpacking, not just camping.

  • Refine the button design of the zoom, map/ topographical, and date buttons

  • Complete full usability test of current version

  • There is a copy of the old logo on one of the the screens that needs to be removed.