UX Designer, Story Teller, and Phantasmagorical Creature of the Night



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I have built my life as a designer on a strong foundation of curiosity and vital sense of compassion. Every role I have taken on has been a manifestation of my determination to both understand the world, and bring understanding to the world.

As an Interaction Designer, my empathetic mind and constant curiosity are what allow me to come up with creative solutions to user problems and assess what value my solutions will have on potential users. Iā€™m at my best when I am surrounded by supportive, communicative, energetic team members, who want to grow and see each other succeed.

I am a UX Desiger as a result of my past. I love listening, I love learning. In college I wanted to learn about the experiences, the history, of those who never had their stories taught in any schools so I majored in the History of Art and Visual Culture with a focus on the Empowerment of Female Afrofuturist Artists Confronting Anti-Black Oppression.